About Us


The Artist

My name is Monica Beltran del Rio. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and I have now lived in Colorado for about 23 years! I have been painting on Recycled Glass for 17 years now and I hope to continue to share my art for many years to come! 

I enjoy creating new patterns and starting a new project whenever I can! I have four daughters and a very loving husband that keep me very busy! We love to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful sunsets we are so lucky to have! I love to hike and walk my Chihuahua “Ham” whenever the weather is nice. 

Colorado has given me the inspiration to paint my own vision of nature. I love seeing the color and the detail that is unique to every single flower, and that is why you will find every flower that I hand-paint has its own unique touch. I appreciate color and shape and texture and I love discovering any new creation I can paint in my own vision. I may not have the greenest thumb, but luckily, the flowers in my glass garden are everlasting and never wither away. 

I have been painting ever since I was a little girl. I have always loved to do Arts and Crafts and I love when I get to share that passion with others! I remember drawing on any piece of fabric I could find and painting the walls all over my childhood home! I hope you enjoy my art, as I enjoy the art of Nature. Welcome to my Glass Garden. 

The Glass Garden

Made up of One of a kind hand-painted glass bottles by a Colorado artist

We use RECYCLED glass from Spain and Italy

        ~This Glass is thicker, therefore more durable and harder-to-break~

Each hand painted piece of artwork goes through a 7-step process to ensure long-lasting quality

~Paint does not wash off with water or soap & products are dishwasher safe, however I still recommend hand-washing~

Our Personal Favorite is our beautiful Hummingbird Feeders

~Find Hummingbird Feeders up top for More Info!~

A perfect gift for any occasion or little “Treat Yourself” item

We have a Large Variety of Products and it is Constantly Growing!

Handsoap/Lotion Pumps of all shapes and sizes

Oil/Vinegar Sets

Wine/Champagne Glasses

Elegant Plates and Platters varying in Shape and Size

Decorated Cups & Drink Dispensers


Salt and Pepper Shakers 


Candle Sticks

Butter Dishes

& many, many more


 If you are looking for a last minute unique item, come visit us at Colorado Mills Mall at store name: A Borgata  where several Colorado Artisans display their artwork

*14500 W Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80401*